Working for the {long} weekend.

The weekend uniform: stretchy pants, flannel top, wool socks.
The weekend uniform: stretchy pants, flannel top, wool socks.

This weekend is a long weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. I know it’s only ONE extra day off, but somehow it makes all the difference! I’ve been looking forward to this one since Christmas – which I realize sounds sad – but hey, whatever gets you through the winter months, right?

With only 7.5 billable hours between me and the weekend, I am dreaming up all the things I want to do.

{Making}: On this weekend’s kitchen roster are these maple oatmeal muffins. Hellooooo.

{Celebrating}: Valentine’s Day! We don’t usually do much, and instead opt to make a special meal at home. This year I’m thinking of picking up some fresh, ‘homemade’ pasta from the Italian restaurant down the road, and mixing that up with one of the tomato sauces I made this summer with our garden veggies. I may pair it all with my favourite meatballs – turkey stuffed with goat cheese & basil! Oh and wine, obvi.

{Reading}: All the Light We Cannot See, an historical fiction set in World War II.

{Listening to}: On Saturday there’s supposed to be a snowstorm, so I plan on trudging down to the record shop and finding some new tunes. I’ve only recently discovered The Deep Dark Woods and I’m kind of into them! Plus the regular CBC radio shows – my favourites are on Saturdays: East Coast Music Hour, Vinyl Cafe, and The Signal.

{Drinking}: plenty of Port City Coffee (best in the city!), plus, more than likely, some Prosecco. If we’re going to be snowed in on Saturday, I may as well enjoy it, right?

{Seeing}: a few pals! If we aren’t completely snowed in, I have a girls’ night planned on Saturday, and a dinner with another couple later in the weekend.

{Cleaning}: I know, what a lame one! But seriously, the tub is in dire need of a scrub, and the laundry room has disappeared under mountains of clothing.

{Enjoying}: some time to straight chill, + our wood burning fireplace!

{Going}: outside. We may bust out the snowshoes for a little trek this weekend if there’s enough snow, and/or head out for a couple walks. And hopefully take a drive to the beach for a little fresh.

{Planning}: our wedding! Oh, PS, we’re engaged! I’ll write another post or two about that soon. Most of the details are more or less straightened away, but this weekend I may start exploring ceremony formats & vow options.

{Dreaming}: about our veggie garden. Checking out seed catalogs and dreaming up plots is the perfect winter pastime.

{Wanting}: new blinds for the bathroom window. We’ve left up what the previous homeowner had – really flimsy, vinyl blinds. They’ve collected soap scum from the shower, and when I try to clean them, I end up breaking a piece off EVERY time. I’d like to get some of those blinds with wide slats (easier to clean) that are like a white faux wood.

{Organizing}: the office, and the mountains of paperwork. We’ve been bad about filing lately, so I’d like to go through the stacks of mail and get everything into its proper folder in advance of tax filing!

{Loving}: my new-to-me cherry Pyrex bowls! I’ve been on the lookout for these for years, and finally came across them a few weekends ago at a vintage shop. LOVE.

OK long weekend, I’m ready for you! Happy Friday everyone. :)


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