Hiking Cape Split

image (23) View at Cape Split

Nature and ocean access are a big part of what makes living on Canada’s east coast so wonderful.

Sometimes there’s nothing better in the world than escaping the city and spending the day taking in the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells of nature. What better way to breathe deeply, put things in perspective, and spend quality time with close friends and loved ones?

Last weekend, we did just that. Unable to sleep due to mounting excitement, we were up early on the Saturday of the Remembrance Day long weekend to start our day trip to hike Cape Split.

A day in the Valley
The trek starts with a drive to the Annapolis Valley, and wouldn’t be complete without a couple pit stops along the way, including:

View from the Blomidon Lookoff

  • Lattes @ Just Us! (Let’s be serious – what scenic drive doesn’t require an accompanying warm bevy?!)
  • Picnic supply pick-up at Pete’s Frootique. Hikes provide the perfect opportunity for a picnic. We
    grabbed a couple toasted veggie sammies and filled up our water bottles.
  • No trip to the Wolfville area would be complete without a photo opp at the Blomidon Lookoff. This view never gets old.

The Hike
Cape Split is one of the many natural attractions Nova Scotia boasts. A headland that juts out into the Bay of Fundy, the entire hike from start, to the Cape, and back, is just under 14kms in total.

This was the 2nd trip I’ve made to Cape Split – the first being in the Spring and this time during late fall. The experience was completely different this time – without most of the leaves and greenery, we could keep our eyes on the water for a good portion of the trail.

Cape Split blends nature’s finest by leading you several hours into the woods, all the while working your way to the tip of a large V-shaped piece of land and cliff cemented in the ocean. The views – during the hike and at the peak – are breathtaking. The photos below capture only a small portion of the scenery we were fortunate enough to take in (and of course, they really don’t do it justice).

Since recently becoming property of the Government of Nova Scotia, there are a few changes to the trail that you may not have seen yet. A couple improvements include:

  • Washrooms at the outset of the trail (crucial after an hour-long drive and prior to a 4-hour trek into the woods)
  • Paved parking lot – this actually shaves off a little bit of the distance once spent navigating through a field to find the path’s entrance

image (20) image (21) Us at Cape Split image (22)

Thinking of hiking Cape Split?
You should! After having done the hike twice, below are the recommendations I have for ensuring you have a pleasant & safe experience:

  • Map of Cape SplitWear layers. It can be quite windy out at the cape – make sure you have a windbreaker or some sort of shell.
  • Proper footwear. I was astonished by some of the people we passed on the trail, wearing things likeknee-high leather fashion boots. If you have hiking boots, wear ’em. You’ll want the ankle support (tons of roots jutting out from the ground), and the first couple kilometres of the trail can be quite wet.
  • Plan. If you don’t want to be hiking in the dark, make sure you plan for about 3.5 hours of hiking, plus any time you plan on spending at the tip of the cape.

Where are your favourite places to hike?


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