Treasures in Great Village

A couple weeks ago, the boyfriend and I made a day trip to rural Nova Scotia. Our first stop? Great Village.

If you live in Nova Scotia and are into antiques and home decor, chances are you’re already familiar with Great Village. GV is home to the province’s largest antique group shop – offering a wide variety of products from a wide variety of vendors. And it’s one of my favourite places to rummage and dig.

Great Village antique shop I’ve uncovered all sorts of treasures here. But regardless of if you’re on the hunt for something specific or not, these shops are a really fun way to spend an afternoon.

Antiques are fascinating – every time I go to a store like this, I learn something new (sure, most tidbits I pick up get filed away in the ‘stuff I’ll probably never need to know’ file), but that’s half the adventure!

On this particular journey to GV, we were on the hunt for a few specific items – and we found them.


I might as well be 80 years old because yes, I love pyrex. My dream kitchen has a massive country-style hutch where I’ll display all the pyrex I’ve collected over the years (insert crazy lady comment here).

I dug up this complete set of Pyrex nesting bowls with a beautiful woodland pattern.

Pyrex nesting bowls

Mason jars.
We’re a bit fascinated by old, old mason jars. Our pantry is stocked

Antique Mason jars

with jars – new and old – that house everyday ingredients such as nuts and seeds, quinoa, hemp hearts, oats, flour, and so on.

We found these 3 gorgeous jars and decided, naturally, they needed to come home with us. While paying for our newfound gems, the shop clerk informed us that a variation of one of the jars we were purchasing had sold the day before for $900!

Not sure how impressed he would be if he saw our jars in use as opposed to being on display somewhere. It’s amazing to think that a couple of the ones we have were made over 150 years ago. That’s quality, Mr. Mason!


Antiques in Great Village


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